Friday, November 02, 2007

Happy 4th Birthday!

This young Lady celebrated her 4th birthday on tuesday. Quite an impressive age. All the grandparents were there and she got some Barbie toys and something with a horse. Well, she didn't have the time to tell me more on the phone, but I guess it was all too exciting.

Because I couldn't find an envelope that was big enough for the cuddle toy thing, I drew this picture instead. Happy 4th birthday!

All the best birthday wishes,

Your Uncle Olli


Cobos said...

Hi Oliver!
Precius drawings!
I love it.
Above all the thick line.

Mark Montague said...

Great picture.

I love those big, fat outlines of yours.

Oliver Kurth said...

Thanks folks!

Glad you like the fat outlines. But sometimes the brush strokes tend to be too heavy. So I coloured the outlines in this one. I very much like to experiment with various techniques and line thicknesses. I this case I used the pentel pocket brush pen. I really love that one. But sometimes I'm just in the mood for a pencil :)