Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Home Sweet Home!

Here's another one from the weekend. A modern home for the sophisticated alien. Shipped turnkey ready and in two fresh colors. Price on application.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Alien Disco!

A few post below you find a little alien I did last year. I always wanted to some more in that vein. But somehow it got lost on the too long to-do list. Last weekend I gave it another try. In the end I came up with a whole bunch of little aliens, extra-terrestrial plants and space machines. Overall rather cartoony in shape and style. Had much fun doing them.

So here is the first trigger-happy one on an iluminous disco catwalk.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

El Noserito!

I did this one last month. Well, I like big noses. Another hammer one from the sketchbook for the collection. The hibiscus blossom is actually from a pattern I'm doing for the cloth texture of a cg character we're working on at the moment.

As always I couldn't decide on the colours. So this is the blue version.

And finally the initial sketch from the sketchbook.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Old Bugger!

Just an old bugger, who seems to have no fun at all.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Alien Flying Machine!

I did this one last year for the Bilderwumme. But this time I added some clouds. That's the extra special something. I still have some more sketches of flying monstrosities I'll maybe share in the future.

Modern Blackboard UPDATE!

I liked the idea of Mr.Frampton being a teacher who is terrorized by his nasty pupils. So here is the updated version including blackboard, chalk and paper ball.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Not Really Modern Scientist!

This is my post for our group blog the Bilderwumme for this week. I did this after having a look at the book CARTOON MODERN, which is quite fabulous and inspiring by the way. And that's where the term modern is derived from. In fact i'd say it's rather retro. Also I don't know if scientist fits very well. Could be a prof or teacher or whatever as well. Let's call him Walter Basil Frampton and decide for yourself.

I also added the origial sketch and the first rough coloured version, before I decided to go into a more fasionable direction.

Monday, March 12, 2007

50s Guy!

This is a 50s Guy from my sketchbook coloured in photoshop. It's not new, but I think the most of you haven't seen it before.

My sketchbook is actually 30x30 cm, so it perectly not fits on my A4 scanner. I always have to scan it in two parts. That's terrible, but the size is actually wonderful. Especially if I use my beloved brush pen!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tiki Rules!

These are two tiki statue designs I did for a cg-movie called Urmel aus dem Eis. The right one was actually used, which is good, because it's much funnier. We wanted to add a lot more tiki stuff and gimmicks into the sets, because most of the film takes place on a south sea island, but in the end this was the only one that survived.

I'll try to post a shot from the scene soon.

(The film was rechristened Impy's Island for the foreign language market. I don't know if it has already been released outside of Germany. Information on that matter is welcome!)

Welcome aboard, mateys!

Things are changing in 2007. After being the last one in the western civilization to get a mobile - which I bought in February - I'm finally starting off my own blog. Beside my regular posts at our group-blog Die Bilderwumme I'll try to post some more stuff here.

For the posts at the Bilderwumme are usually not work related I'm going to post some artwork here I'm actually paid for. And maybe sketches and work-in-progress things. Maybe links and things?! We'll see.

I hope you'll come by regularly. And be sure to leave some comments!

Arrrrr, thanks for visiting anyway, you scurvy sons o' dogs!



PS: Maybe I'll also manage to fix my bike in 2007 ...