Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Curly Rockabilly Pompadour Hairstyle!

Lately I've been complaining about how busy I am because we're finishing our current movie at the moment. Well, it got even worse. We had to start head over heels with some new character and conceptual designs for our next movie because of some federal funding deadline. Of course no final designs, just something to give an idea of the mood. And though it was stressful it was much fun. It's always great to start with something new and to come up with new fresh ideas. The bad thing is that the work we actually have to do has still to be done. So a lot of long hours.

Today I did a final conceptual illustration that came out very neat. Sadly I'm not allowed to show it. Confidential, ya know ...

So in the meantime a little sketch I did recently. Another hairstyle. Curly likes to wear his hair high.

1 comment:

Brandon Waltman said...

with a name like that he has no choice but to have an equally interesting hairstyle.

nice stuff man