Friday, July 11, 2008

Crazy Cop!

This picture is a little bit older, but I haven't posted it here.

At work I like to play a little game and ask a colleague to say something that I'll have to draw then. With this one it went like this:

"OK, say something."
"Errr ... Giraffe."
"Well ... say something else."
"Crazy Cop?"
"That's good."

Then I did a scribble which wasn't too crazy at all, but that's where the idea came from. Thanks to Michael for the inspiration.

(By the way, the sandwich is of course low-fat because he minds keeping his body in shape ... but he's a tough guy nevertheless!)


Dave said...

Great stuff! Glad to find your blog :)

evan said...

Yeah, me too. I happened across your blog searching for Batman reference. Boomarked it right quick. I see you have a appreciation for monsters. You should check out my friend's blog on monsters. Sorry for the plug, but thought you'd appreciate the content. Great work!

Richard Gaines said...

Great coloring. You really captured the environment with the use of different tones and highlights.

Anyway, how's everything nowadays?

flaviano said...

fantastic colors! this cop seems just coming up from Hot Fuzz!

MarcoFinkenstein said...

Schöner Cop! :)

Oliver Kurth said...

Thanks for the comments, folks!

@Dave & Evan: I'm glad you stumbled across my litle blog!

@Richard: Everything's fine, though I'm quite busy these days. I mail you soon!

@Flaviano: Thanks! Yes you're right, Hot Fuzz - the american version!