Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Homie Duck!

"The early bird catches the ... fish!"

Does anyone remember the Homie Bears? It's a little personal project I started last year. I posted a series of pictures back then. (Just click on the label "Homie Bears" at the bottom of the post to see them.) Recently I took the time to work on it again.

I thought they could use some company. Here is the first of the Homie Ducks. His name is Rupert and he loves to go fishing. And it's best to get up quite early to do so.


josef calvento said...

I like your style, very cool.

Pleff said...

Just remembered the Gummy Bears. Thanx!

Yavuz said...

Hey Olf, wie schaut´s? Hoffe du kannst dich noch an mich erinnern bei der Party von Hakan.
So viel hatten wir ja nicht getrunken, oder?

Dein Homie Duck ist dir gut gelungen!!!

Simon Scales said...

very the colors!!!

Oliver Kurth said...

Thanks, folks!

@Pleff: Boy, that's long ago! But I still love it!

@Yavuz: Natürlich erinnere ich mich! Schön, dass Du mal vorbeischaust. Bis bald.

@Simon: I really like to work on the colours. (I always do a couple of versions and in the end I can't decide which one to post!)