Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Longhorn Monster in Technicolor!

Last week I didn't have the time to colourize the scribble of this triple-horned little fellow - so I did it at the weekend. As always I tried out a lot of different things. This it the final version in glorious Technicolor.

This is the first colour version I did. It's okay but somehow I wasn't satisfied with it. So I tried out a lot of different versions until I came up with the red and blue one. I really like to fool around with the colours. That's a big advantage when working digital.

When I start to add the colours I always like to see what the silhouette looks like. In this case I think it's rather nice. So I added the eyes and the teeth again.

And finally the raw sketch.


McT421 said...

HAH, wow. Wo ich die Farb-Version zuerst gesehen habe (das Rot-und-Grau gefällt mir echt gut) hatte ich noch gedacht "irgendwie hatte ich ihn mir hellblau vorgestellt, warum auch immer".


m.j. Nuñez said...

Genial....muy buenos trabajos...!!


Tooninator said...

dig the final colour. That slight shadow of the horn works well.

Oliver Kurth said...

@Meike: At first I thought to myself, of couse, he should be blue. But that was too obvious!

@M.J.Nunez: Muchas Gracias!

@Matt: Thanks! I'm glad you noticed the shadow!