Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Canadian Honeymoon

Last Saturday I was at the wedding of my good old friend Detlef, whom I know since ever. A couple of other good old friends were invited as well. But when it came to make a greeting card or some kind of gift everybody suddenly turned out to have two left hands - as always. So the task came to me - as always. But that's the burden you have to carry if you are the guy who draws the funny pictures I suppose. I'm quite busy at work at he moment, not to mention the other job I had to finish last week. But damn it was his wedding! So I spent the the nights doing this picture. Well, I could have done it earlier - as always - but sometimes I need the pressure I guess. Detlef and his wonderful wife loved it, so I think it was worth the long hours. And the wedding was great, which weddings are not necessarily are! We had loads of fun. Well, I think you have already guessed, where their honeymoon trip takes them to ...

These are some of the inked sketches I did. I decided to do them seperately to be able to move them around later on. For some unknown reason I skipped the moose.

After I had the idea I did this colour key.

A close up.


Kevin Keele said...

I like too much about this to put into words so...nice job. It's gorgeous.

Tooninator said...

I love this. I also love people's interpretation of Canada ;) being from Canada and all.

Kartoon Koyote said...

Really nice. Thanks for including the separate inked elements, its cool to see how you built it up!

McT421 said...

Beautiful! And thanks a lot for all those different steps and close-ups - really useful and inspiring. |^^|

S. Brüning said...

Nice :-)
Greetinx from Anne and Pleff

Thies said...

Really a great one, Dr. Kurth!
But beware of the biting midges.

Florian Satzinger said...

Just wonderful. Ein wunderbar komponiertes Teil. Wui.

Oliver Kurth said...

Thanks a lot for your comments, I really appreciate it!

@Kevin: I'm flattered! Thanks a lot.

@Koyote & McT421: You're welcome! Those seperate elements always make it much more complicated but give you the chance to play around with the layout.

@Tooninator: I've never been to Canada so I hope it's not too zany! Btw, People's interpretation of Germany is always quite interesting too :)

@Thies: Those midges can't be worse than in Scandinavia!

@Florian: Herzlichen Dank!