Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Homie Bears!

Last week I felt like drawing some bears. I haven't drawn a lot of bears in my life so far. OK, for our current movie I had to design a panda bear, but that's not a real bear, is it? So out the blue came the idea for the Homie Bears. So here is the first one. Little Ernie, a professional slacker.

I also did a scribble for a logo. I enhanced it a little to make it look like a logo from an old cartoon. Imagine it with some nice wacky theme music.

And this is a sheet of scribbles with another Homie Bear character.


Richard Gaines said...

Ha! I love it!

Hauke said...

Nette Details! Kette ist Pflicht und ohne FlipFlops geht mal gar nix. Schön auch, dass Du beim Pokern nicht gegen ihn gewonnen hast und er sein Brusthaar behalten durfte.
Respekt alda!

Thies said...

Show no fear
for the Homie Bear...
Zum Cartoon-Title stelle ich mir auch ne schöne alte Dudel-Melodei (mit Dazwischengescratche) vor.