Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ogilvy the Ogre!

Actually I've been working a little on the yeti-character I posted last week. But I think I should postpone that to the winter. Along the way I drew this ogre. And since I've been quite busy at the moment I just took it and coloured it. Hope you like it!


Cobos said...

Hi Oliver!
How could we possibly not like it!
I specially like the line art.
How have you worked on this drawing?
Brush, ink?
I like very much your style!

Richard Gaines said...

Great Yetis (sic)! Is this an idea for a theme? I especially like the one below.

Ryan Wood said...

Great design, man!

Oliver Kurth said...

Thanks a lot guys!

@Fernando: I used the "Pentel pocket brush pen" on this one.

@Richard: There's no special idea behind it. Yetis, trolls, ogres and things are just wonderful subjects to draw! As well as the other pictures on my blog I do them just for fun. (But who knows, maybe I'll do a sketchbook about that topic together with Mr. Satzinger somwhere in the future ...)

Florian Satzinger said...

I've no objections :) That calls for a drink.

Oliver Kurth said...

OK, Florian. I hope we'll manage that soon ... I mean the part with the drink ;)