Wednesday, July 18, 2007

French Dressing!

I was in the mood for doing something french. Maybe I'll add some updates later on, but first I need some fresh croissants ...

UPDATED: OK, I had my croissants. And they were tres délicieux.

Here is a close-up. This time with a blue background for Monsieur Mantel, who didn't seem to like the "La vie en rose"-style.

These are the scribbles. I made a quick marker sketch for the guy and quickly inked it with my Art Pen. Tried to make it a little bit rougher.


Richard Gaines said...

I love the background. It's so darn fitting!

I thought a Frenchman like this would be more prone to smoking a cigarette.

Tobias Schwarz said...

once again, very nice

Cobos said...

Great post! I love this character and
how you did the coloration.
your drawings has very volume.

Michael Mantel said...

Thanks a lot for this little piece of blue.

Fränk Spalteholz said...

man your sense of colours is great! love it! keep that level!

cheers fränk

Oliver Kurth said...

Thanks a lot folks!

@Richard: He's some artist guy from the 60s, so I thought a pipe would be appropriate!

I'm glad you appreciate the colour work. Especially on the bottom one .... uaaah! OK, bad joke. I like to play around with the colours, always trying to make it colourful but not too loud at the same time.

Florian Satzinger said...

Grossartig, ein wunderschoenes Teil, absolut.

diemischi said...

hey wow...your Blog is awesome! Great designs :-)
nice greetings