Monday, August 27, 2007

Homie Bear N°4: Mandy, the Sporty Bear!

This is Mandy. She loves aerobics, bling jewellery and disco music. And she's the much requested first girl in the "Home Bears"- series.

People have been asking if I'm going through a sort of bear-phase at the moment. Well, I just felt like doing a series would be a nice thing instead of just putting out unrelated sketches.

PS: Jörn expressed that he would like to see her in lingerie. At first I though he might be a pervert, but maybe a bear-pin-up could be a good idea ...

This is the brown version I posted initially.

And finally the scribble. Done with a blue colerase and a pencil.


Jörn G Punkt said...

Would like to see her in lingerie! Very sexy. Excellent serial.

McT421 said...

Haa. Ich kann die Farben jetzt schon sehen. Viiiiiel rosa. Oder vielleicht auch nicht!