Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bratapfel & Dragon!

Have you ever asked yourself what dragons eat except for brave knights in shining armour? Well, they like roasted apples a lot. But maybe it's just the dessert ...

A dragon enjoying a Bratapfel he roasted all by himself.

PS: Thanks to Lars for bringing up the question!


bog_art said...

Haha.. I hadn't thought about the roasted apples like dessert.. You have great blog here.. My favorite post is "Little Wanda!"

E Hajibabaie said...

ha ha
this's funny
i like dragons
but i love material too

Richard Gaines said...

I eat apples every day! I thought it was a meatball at first, particularly with the wide-eyed psycho stare the dragon is giving it.


DdK said...

Didn't know dragons ate fruit, huh.
Pretty awesome stuff here.