Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I've got the Flu!

I've got the flu. That's boring. But the fates have been at least partially merciful with me. Yesterday I borrowed Shogun on DVD from the city libraray. You know, the mini-series from the 80s starring Richard Chamberlain and Toshiro Mifune. Television at its finest. Haven't seen it in ages. Makes being ill much less boring. Domo arigato gozaimasu!

Oh, I almost forgot. I did this picture for a pitch. Quite different in style. Guess what the theme was!


Anonymous said...

doktorspiele? jute besserung!

Hephez said...

Hello ! Just a few words to tell you that I like very much your illustrations ! ;)

Cecelia said...

Love your illustration! I did a couple last year when I had the flu. One assignment that I used to give my students, from time to time was, "And How Do You Feel Today?" Especially during times like flu season.
It seems to be starting early this year. I know people who have pneumonia, and I've had bronchitis this week. I'm surprised because it is very mild and beautiful outside, not like when people usually get these illnesses as in winter.
Hope you feel better soon!

Peter Donnelly said...

Just came accross your blog today Oliver. Very nice work. I'll stop by again.


Oliver Kurth said...

Thanks a lot, folks!

@Torsten: Danke! War ja klar, dass mindestens einer einen dummen Witz macht :)

@Cecilia: Thanks! I'm glad you like my illustrations. Today I would answer the question "How you feel today?" with: excellent!

@Hephez: Those are some very nice few words! Thanks

@Peter: I'm glad you stumbled across my blog! You have some great stuff, too. (I'll take a closer look at it at the weekend!)