Friday, June 05, 2009

Cannonball Curly!

Every two weeks we are celebrating the Official Bilderwumme Drawing Night, a nice evening with colleagues and friends dedicated to art of drawing funny pictures. Most of the contestants are posting on our group blog The Bilderwumme, by the way. Usually we pick a theme that sometimes dramatically changes into something completely different. A couple of weeks ago the theme was seafaring. That was much fun! This is one of the sketches I did.

At first I used a brush pen for inking but I wasn't satisfied with the result. It didn't feel appropriate for the style. So I drew another version and used a felt pen instead. (Is felt pen the right word? Or is fineliner better?) I added some shading for now, but I will defiantely colorize it when I find the time.


Eduardo Monteiro said...

Nice Job and Nice gallery man

Juampa said...


Your draes are allways so inspirating!

You´re a Master

Oliver Kurth said...

@Eduardo: Thanks a lot!

@Juampa: I'm flattered!

Marcelo Vignali said...

That's really stupid...and funny! I love it.

Oliver Kurth said...

Thanks, Marcelo! That's what it's meant to be: stupid and funny.